Viewers say Nick Offerman has ‘changed their minds’ about straight actors playing gay characters

Viewers say Nick Offerman has ‘changed their minds’ about straight actors playing gay characters

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Nick Offerman has received praise around the world after viewers sat down to watch the latest episode of The Last of Us.

The actor played Bill, a doomsday prepper (but he prefers the term 'survivalist'), whose plan finally kicks into gear when a fungal infection takes over the globe.

We get to see him slowly transform his tiny home into a fortified town that has everything a survivalist would need in an apocalypse.

However, his peaceful and idyllic life changes forever when Frank (Murray Bartlett) stumbles through trying to get to Boston.

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While Bill initially wants nothing to do with Frank, the two bond over a hearty rabbit dinner paired with some delicious red wine (a luxury when you're a few years into the apocalypse).

We get to see them form a relationship, spend many years together before a devastating, yet romantic end.

While Bartlett's performance is no doubt fantastic in its own right, Offerman has been celebrated on social media for being a straight actor playing a gay character.

While that would often spark headlines about whether it's okay to cast someone in a role like that, it seems people don't mind when it's this good.

if I see a SINGLE person upset that nick offerman played a gay man I will do horrendous things to you bc he did it SO WELL he did it RIGHT they made something BEAUTIFUL both actors did, and I don't wanna hear SHIT about it

— Lucid🌙 ART PINNED (@lu_cidicnights) January 30, 2023

There are plenty of gay actors who should get the chance to play gay characters on screen. Them and Nick Offerman

— ImSkyKid 💥 (@ImSkyKid) January 30, 2023

Though it obviously would have been nice for both Frank AND Bill to be played by a gay actor…. Offerman was PERFECT. His performance was phenomenal, raw, beautiful, and 100% believable. You can tell nothing but love and respect was put into his role— Robbie - Time to get QUANTUM🐜🧬 (@TWDeadDaily) January 30, 2023

One person wrote on Twitter: "Not Nick Offerman changing my mind about straight actors playing gay roles."

Another added: "If/when Nick Offerman wins an award for this I will not be complaining about a straight actor winning an award for playing gay. Him and Craig Mazin talked about making sure they did the work to portray this in an honest and respectful way."

A third said: "Still not over the brilliant performances from last night’s episode. Particularly, I hope Nick Offerman’s (awards-worthy) performance finally puts to rest the 'straight actors can’t/shouldn’t play gay' narrative out there."

People are calling for Offerman and Bartlett to be nominated for and win all the awards for playing their characters brilliantly.

One viewer even went as far as saying the episode, titled 'Long Long Time', was 'the beautiful post-apocalyptic stories ever told'.

"Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett give phenomenal, unforgettable, career-best performances," the viewer wrote. "A reminder that when things go to hell, you can still keep living and loving."

To be honest, pretty much every story we see in a zombie world is littered with devastation, heartbreak and sadness.

Bill and Frank's blossoming, complicated and realistic relationship was a refreshing tale in an otherwise soulless landscape.