The Last of Us viewers reckon Nick Offerman’s character is just a post-apocalyptic Ron Swanson

The Last of Us viewers reckon Nick Offerman’s character is just a post-apocalyptic Ron Swanson

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Viewers who watched the latest episode of The Last of Us reckon they were seeing double.

'Long Long Time' deviates a bit from the iconic video game story to give us an insight into a couple who has a rather unlikely beginning.

Frank (Murray Bartlett) stumbles across Bill's (Nick Offerman) fortified town and, while it starts out as icy, the two form a beautiful bond that we get to see blossom into a long-lasting relationship.

The first time we see Bill, we see him in the basement of his home watching the military round up his neighbours through security cameras.

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You can see loads of firearms and a home that is very much prepared for the apocalypse.

Over the episode, it's clear Bill is very handy as he builds electrified fences around the town and other types of self-defence systems.

He also thoroughly enjoys his meat, alcohol and believes the government is full of Nazis.

It didn't take long for many viewers to liken Bill to Offerman's other legendary character of Ron Swanson.

The Parks and Recreation icon is a noted libertarian, hates the government, loves his personal space and is very handy with whatever you need fixing or building.

I am fully willing to buy into the idea that Nick Offerman is playing Ron Swanson in the last of us. It would take no convincing for me to believe that

— stoned cold fox (@roastmalone_) January 30, 2023

So far Nick Offerman is playing Bill as if Ron Swanson were in a zombie apocalypse and I’m all here for it

— Don Cheadle’s son (@darthwebhead) January 30, 2023

They really called up Nick Offerman and asked if he’d be interested in reprising the role of Ron Swanson but with the twist that he’s now in the apocalypse and gay

— s.t. 🎬 (@merrywyns) January 30, 2023

He also has a hilarious laugh, which we got to see in The Last of Us.

One viewer wrote: "As a Parks and Rec fan, I really appreciated Nick Offerman giving us one last Ron Swanson giggle."

Another added: "I love that Nick Offerman as Bill is just 100% 'What would Ron Swanson do in a zombie apocalypse?'"

A third said: "They really got Nick Offerman to play post apocalyptic gay Ron Swanson."

The big deviation from Parks and Recreation is that Offerman's character is gay and has a sweet, tender and beautiful romance with Frank.

Nick knew it was going to be a big role when he first heard about the show.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: "One of my fellow baseball dads was this guy who did The Hangover [Craig Mazin].

"Then he became the Chernobyl guy and we were like, 'Holy s**t'.

"So I knew Craig, I knew his work, I admired him powerfully. And my wife Megan [Mullally] and I had just seen White Lotus season one, so Murray was the champion of our household.

"Craig said, 'Here’s the script and, and you get to do this with Murray Bartlett'. I just said [to myself[, 'Please don’t f**k this up. Please don’t let me be canceled before I get this episode'.”