Sexual abuse lawsuit: Marilyn Manson has settled out of court with actress Esme Bianco

Sexual abuse lawsuit: Marilyn Manson has settled out of court with actress Esme Bianco

Updated: 5 days, 5 hours, 46 minutes, 44 seconds ago

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Actress Esmé Bianco, popularly known for her role as Ros in game of Thronessettled out of court with musician Marilyn Manson in her multiple sexual assault lawsuit.

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This was confirmed by his lawyer Jay Ellwanger to the magazine rolling stonesthrough a brief statement in which she states that “Miss Bianco has consented settle their lawsuits against Brian Warner (real name of the artist) to move on with his life and career”.

However, the attorney did not provide details on the terms of the settlement reached by the complaint made in 2021 for physical, sexual, psychological and emotional multiple abuse.

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The relationship between Bianco and the musician dates back to the second half of the 2000s, when she was called to star in a video clip.

According to the actress’ account, she was forced to stay at the home of Marilyn Manson, who allegedly held her prisoner on that occasion She was subjected to various tortures and sexual practices.

When filing the lawsuit, Bianco said she did not want to disclose what happened at the time out of fear that her acting career might not flourish.

The settlement comes days after a Los Angeles judge dismissed another lawsuit brought by a woman against the musician for sexual assault following the resignation of the alleged victim’s attorney. However, the case could be reopened if the woman appoints a new legal representative.

Meanwhile, Marilyn Manson falls back on eleven other complaints made by different women about abuse, which put a damper on his music career.

More complaints

In 2021, more than a dozen women accused Manson of psychological or sexual abuse, many in media interviews such as Los Angeles Times Y People ; four filed civil suits.

The accusers – who spoke to Rolling Stone magazine – say the singer was able to hide his abuse in plain sight behind the Marilyn Manson persona he created and the music industry that supported and profited from his living demonic device.

To your accusers, some of whom have never spoken publicly or in depth before, it is a sexual predator series that has been telling the world who he is for over 25 years.

An always controversial race

Marilyn Manson emerged as a rock figure in the 1990s, with hits like The Beautiful People and hit records like 1996’s Antichrist Superstar and 1998’s Mechanical Animals.

His stage name was formed from the names of actress Marilyn Monroe and the late cult criminal Charles Manson.

In the United States, three of the group’s albums have gone platinum and three have gone gold. The group has released eight songs that debuted in the Top Ten, and two of their albums have reached #1.

Manson has appeared in a few films such as David Lynch’s Jawbreaker, Lost Highway and Party Monster. In 2002 he had an intervention in the documentary Bowling for Colombina by documentary filmmaker and writer Michael Moore.

He also appeared in the sixth season of the series californicationplaying himself, as a friend of fictional rock star Atticus Fetch.

In addition to his musical career, Manson is also engaged in painting.